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Learn to play piano and guitar

Free Music lessons

Free music theory lessons are often available when you choose to learn the piano with online tuition. What do you do when you really and truly want to learn how to play the piano or guitar and have no place to start? The answer is quite simple – online courses are the way many people are learning to play musical instruments and master theory concepts easily and quickly at their own pace and in their own homes.

To begin with, a free music theory course will probably help you focus on the music you want to learn to play and offer you a good idea of how easy or difficult it is to master. When you have a better comprehension of the chords and notes you want to play, you will be ready to advance rapidly through your lessons and learning plans. When your are able to play those chords and notes the way they should be played, you’ll also find that you enjoy music much more.

Learn Chords and The Rest Will Follow

No matter what musical style you are trying to master, when you know how to play a large number of piano chords, you will be ready to play a wide variety of sheet music and songs of any type. No matter if you are interested in playing classical music, pop gospel, church or music music, or rock tunes, a lesson in music theory will help you succeed.

The Right Piano Teacher

Finding the right piano teacher and course is important, and learning online may be the answer if you are after a well-rounded piano education that includes theory work. If you choose to pursue online piano lessons, make sure your course work includes basic theory concepts that will help you grow as a musician and tackle any song or type of music you choose to play. If you are after a better understanding of the structure of music, a program that includes chord charts and scale work is ideal.

It Gets Easier!

As you proceed learning once you’ve taken your free music theory course, you will understand how effortless it is to learn piano and theory online. Men and women of all backgrounds and ages have successfully learned how to play the piano after devoting themselves to regular theory and piano lessons online. If you need encouragement you might try Campusounds where many young musicians started off over the years.

Right after only your very first few piano sessions you will be more than prepared to get started with weekly, or even daily, lessons. You can very soon be playing for friends and family, astonishing them with your new music skills. You can understand an assortment of music styles such as classic, rock, jazz, or gospel and roll easily once you’ve mastered the right theory concepts.

Painting Animals

Elephant PortraitI love animals! In particular, I have had dogs and cats with me all of my life and I have never known a human being with more capacity for love than a dog. But of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whilst the love of a dog is a viscerally beautiful thing, so is the site of a bright green frog against the background of a rain forest! Some of my favorite images come from the National Geographic Society which has blessed the world with indelible images and stories of creatures that in the future will exist in memory and image only, thanks to the blind greed and rage of humans as we expand across the planet like a virus (thanks to The Matrix for that metaphor!).

Some paintings are super-realistic like the one above, and some tend towards the impressionistic. Each person feels differently for such art and each piece evokes different feelings in each viewer. But when it comes to nature, few of us can any longer feel a strong natural affinity for the natural world,  as we are born and raised in cities. And so we tend to gravitate to things we understand, the familiarity of cats and dogs, which we domesticated thousands of years ago and which share our homes and lives to this day.

So what should a pet portrait contain?  Should it be based on realism or impressionism? Should it show the pet at play or at rest? And of course every pet has those endearing characteristics that mark them as part of our families – how does an artist capture this unique aspect of your animal friend?

I personally think it’s by showing two things:

1 .Perkiness

2. The Eyes

I have a Rottweiler (dear ‘Muggins’) and I swear to you that  looking into those brown eyes, I can see clearly that my dog has a soul! It’s a bright shadow of love and smoke, a beguiling doggy-laughter that lifts me up when I’m down and smothers me in love every day of my life. For a great pet portrait see these from artist Hettie Rowley at http://artclassesperth.com/pet-portraits  – just click on the link!

Cats are different and love you in a different way – more of attachment than love, familiarity rather than brotherhood. And yet,  cats also sense your moods and behave in an entirely empathetic way.

As much as these animals give love, they also need love – even more than we do because they are entirely dependent on our gifts of love and care. So a good pet portrait painter will capture this dependence and essentially show it as vulnerability.

I hope I have successfully outlines at least some of the things that make a successful animal portrait or pet protrait and I’ll be back with more soon!

David F.

PS: I have to test this because the sitemap is not working!

Trinity Church Perth


Four Structures

The Trinity Church Group consists of 4 structures: Trinity Hall (1865), the Schoolroom (1872), Trinity Church (1893) and the Trinity Buildings (1926). The Trinity Church congregation was developed by Henry Trigg, a practicing Congregationalist from Gloucestershire, England who showed up in the Swan River Colony in 1829. Trigg at first went to the very first Anglican Church where he was a choirmaster. He later on signed up with the Wesleyans, but from 1843 he held prayer conferences in the Congregational custom in his own house. In 1845 a couple of buddies satisfied to go over the area of a church and 3 pounds was subscribed and a church in William Street was developed, opening in 1846. For 6 years, Trigg performed all the services till, in 1852, the London Missionary Society sent the Reverend James Leonard to be the very first ordained Congregational minister. In 1863, the congregation chose to construct a Church in St George’s Terrace as the properties in William Street were too little. Land was bought for 350 pounds. The designer of the brand-new Church was Richard Roach Jewell.

Jewell had actually shown up in the Swan River Colony in 1852, to use up the position of Clerk of Works and Superintendent of the Towns of Fremantle and Perth. His very first area was the Perth Gaol and Courthouse (1852). By the time he made the Church for Trigg, Jewell had actually created the Pensioner Barracks (1863) at the western end of St George’s Terrace and The Cloisters (1856). Guv Hampden laid the corner stone on 10 May 1864. The Church was constructed by William Buggin, in 1865, most likely with using pronounce guilty labor. The structure was built from handmade bricks laid in a Flemish bond pattern. It was a basic structure with a lumber roofing system. In 1872 a hall, likewise created by Jewell, determining 52ft by 16ft and 28ft high and called the New Schoolroom was constructed to the back of the Church. A ceiling was contributed to the 1865 Church structure (Trinity Hall) in 1879. Henry Trigg passed away on 15 February 1882. He is memorialised in the main increased tarnished glass window, contributed by his grand son, in the Trinity Church. In October 1884, the congregation chose to develop an industrial structure on the Hay Street home. The designer was Henry Trigg (grand son of the departed Henry Trigg and Perth’s very first Australian born designer) and an agreement was accepted from Mr Hester to build the areas for 1,056 pounds.

On 4 August 1892, the proposition was put that a brand-new Church, in front of the existing one, ought to be developed at a suggested expense of 5,100 pounds and the erection of an adjacent suite of workplaces, to money the area of the Church was suggested for 2,000 pounds. This was accepted and Trinity Church was devoted in December 1893 and opened in 1894. The specs and strategies were prepared by Henry Trigg and the professionals were Bunning Brothers at an agreement rate of 6,100 pounds. The design for the brand-new Church supplied lodging for 750 individuals on the ground floor and for 100 in the galleries. Extra funds of 500 pounds were budgeted for home furnishings and 500 pounds for a body organ. The brand-new structure was created so that the Minister’s or speaker’s voice can be heard in every part of it. The Church was to have actually been seated with chairs, but owing to the slope in the floor, in your area crafted benches were replaced. The foundation stone for Trinity Church was laid by His Excellency the Governor on 22 March 1893. Dr Bevan from the Collins Street Congregational Church, Melbourne concerned Perth to perform the opening services. The event was gone to by Sir John and Lady Forrest, Sir James Lee Steere, the Mayor of Perth (Mr A Forrest) and a crowd of the leading residents of Perth and Fremantle. Sir John Forrest announced that such ‘. a splendid area would be an accessory to the primary street of the city. Such an endeavor revealed that individuals were advancing materially and morally which development was the order of business’. The Church likewise commissioned a 2 storey workplace structure, Trinity House, nearby to the brand-new Church and dealing with St George’s Terrace, at an expense of 1,500 pounds.

In 1900, Trinity Hall was refurbished at an expense of 130 pounds. In 1904, a double storey area referred to as the Guild Rooms, including a caretakers home and gym was built at the back of the workplace area for 1,637 pounds. Additional developments happened at the back of the location, dealing with Hay Street in 1923, with the building of Trinity Buildings and Trinity Arcade. In 1970, the workplace area on the eastern side of the website was demolished and, in 1981, a shopping game established, connecting Trinity Church with Trinity Buildings in Hay Street and with St George’s Terrace. The redevelopment of the game in 1981 supplied an array of degrees of pedestrian gain access to that run along the eastern side of the Church structures and offer courtyards and with means for the general public from which they can appreciate the architecture and obtain themselves of the services the Church supplies. The redevelopment won the Civic Design Award for 1982-83 for its contribution to the civic facility of main Perth. The funds got for renting the website in 1981 allowed restoration of Trinity Hall, the Schoolroom and Trinity Church. Trinity Hall is utilized as a Church hall and school for seniors. The Schoolroom is utilized as the Trinity lunch space. The work was performed in examination with preservation designer Ron Bodycoat of Duncan, Stephen and Mercer. This belongs to a recurring program of preservation of the location. Trinity Church has actually been made use of as an active center of praise for over one hundred years. In 1977, the Congregational Church incorporated with the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches to end up being the Uniting Church of Australia. In 1996, Trinity Church is possessed by the Uniting Church.

Architecure and Layout

Trinity Church Group consists of 3 19th century areas: Trinity Hall (1865), the Schoolroom (1872), Trinity Church (1893). These structures offer Trinity Church historic and visual context and affected the type of later areas on the eastern boundary of the website: Trinity House and Guild Rooms (now demolished) and the southern extension of Trinity Arcade (1981). Trinity Hall (1865) is built from handmade bricks laid in a Flemish bond pattern. The structure is built in a modest performance of the Victorian Academic design of architecture and is embellished externally with modest tourelles in cement render and has actually a rendered string course. A huge trefoil window deals with southern.

It is a basic structure with a lumber roofing system. The indoor space measurements are 16.8 m x 10.2 m. The indoor walls are of white render and there are little tainted glass windows with easy colored panes. The woodwork is of jarrah. The Schoolroom (1872) is to the back of Trinity Hall and is constructed of comparable brickwork with a lumber roofing. The structure determines 15.6 m by 8.4 m with an indoor roofing height of 4.8 m. Trinity Church (1893) is a late example of the Victorian Free Gothic design with Romanesque detailing. It is sited on St George’s Terrace, in front of Trinity Hall and the Schoolroom, behind which is a 3 storey Commercial Palazzo design structure, Trinity Buildings, which deals with Hay Street. The latter areas, which are consisted of in the group, were integrated in 1926.

Following the Land

Trinity Church follows the fall of the land, with its foundations stepping southwards to St George’s Terrace. Its circumstance, in front of the earlier Church, which was at the apex of a little hillside, appreciated the earlier area by keeping a view of the trefoil southern window. A post in the Inquirer and Commercial News on 24 March 1893, explains Trinity Church as: ‘The method to the structure is by a stunning air travel of granites actions, running the entire width. The primary entryway is of sufficient and big proportions and opens into a tiled vestibule, gain access to from which is offered to the galleries and body of the Church. The facade is striking and vibrant, completions are emphasized and are brought up and ended by turrets crowned with slate roofings and finials. The main bay is broken by buttresses, which are continued and doned with terminals, in between which a gable go to a height of 50ft crowned with a cross at the apex. The windows in the front are of discolored glass, the main increased window being a memorial of the ceo of the Church, introduced by his grand son, the designer. The ground floor is a rectangular shape, with splayed corners.

The floor is made specifically for congregational praise, having a slope of 2ft in 40, the seating radiating from the eye of the speaker. A gallery runs round 3 sides, confined with a game and supported on iron columns. The ceiling is to be of Rocke and Company’s patent stamped zinc, perforated for ventilation. The body organ chamber is semi-circular in strategy, with semi-dome above, doned with blue ground and gold stars. The Church is aerated on the Tobin concept and the acoustic homes have actually been thoroughly thought about. A Minister’s vestry and waiting room are at the back of the structure. There are 6 exits for the body of the Church and 4 from the galleries … The seating plans are in the most approved and contemporary design’.

1890 Onwards

In 1890, 2 transepts were contributed to Trinity Hall. These have actually because been demolished. In 1891, electrical lighting was set up in Trinity Church. For many years, memorial plaques and commemorative discolored glass windows have actually been set up and numerous products for use in the liturgy, consisting of the lectern, communion table and chairs and baptismal font style, have actually been provided by members of the congregation. A variety of small modifications to the interior of the Church have actually been made which mirror modifications in liturgical practice and the use of the Church to service the altering requirements of the congregation and neighborhood. In the 1970s, Trinity House was demolished and the location landscaped as a public area. Work was done on Trinity Church to recover the outside and a few of the ornamental aspects renewed. Iron bars were put over the lower windows for defense and acoustic panels were set up under the ceiling. In 1980, Trinity Church was brought back under the direction of preservation designer, Ron Bodycoat and, in 1981, pedestrian gain access to from St George’s Terrace to Hay Street was re-established as part of a repair of Trinity Arcade and the Trinity Church.

The development of the southern extension of Trinity Arcade, in 1981, consisted of the demolition of the Guild Rooms and the production of brand-new caretaker’s properties and 3 degrees of game on the eastern limit of the website, with a basement pedestrian link with to the Murray Street degree of City Arcade and to a passage under St George’s Terrace to Allendale Square. The rear wall of Trinity Buildings was restored to consist of plate glass windows to offer display room ability to a modern-day staircase and the southern store, complying with fire policies, was set up. A location east of Trinity Hall and the Schoolroom offers pedestrian access to Trinity Buildings. The little courtyard produced by the positioning of the brand-new structures, permits public area within the shopping gallery road and is presently made use of as a lunchtime seating location for clients of the previous Schoolroom (now a lunch space) and customers of the gallery. Wood shutters, which can be opened and opened, were connected to the external windows at the lower degree. Landscaping and some planting was done to develop a yard environment. The brand-new development functions speciality stores.


Restoration of Trinity Hall and the Schoolroom at the back of Trinity Church was carried out at the very same time and the interiors painted in a scheme of warm neutral colors. The flooring of both structures was reconditioned and dormer windows set up in the roofing system of Trinity Hall. In 1993, a replica gold cross, to change the missing out on initial, was set up as part of the events of the centenary year of the Trinity Church structure. Projects were likewise made to the 1928 body organ, located at the northern termination of the body organ and the nave console with a brand-new triple keyboard was moved on the west side of the Church. A continuous program of repair and maintenance of all the areas is embarked on in examination with preservation designer Ron Bodycoat of Duncan Stephen and Mercer. For more on perth Archietcture have a look at This Perth Architects Site

Australian Art events

Australia is another country I love, although i must say that it’s a lot more socialist than people generally realize! nevertheless, the average Australian would be horrified and offended if you told her that Australia is anything less than totally free.  Nevertheless, it IS a nanny stare, where people are frightened of offending each other and absolutely terrified of offending minorities such as homosexuals and people of whatever race group.

Having said that. it is in general a HAPPY country, where everything works and people get on. And of course, I think it’s one of the few countries in the world where art is really well supported at every level, from local town government, through state evels and even federally. So Australia is above all else, a civilized country with a population of decent, well-meaning people who put great value on friendship, or ‘mateship’ as they call it. Here are a few current events. and please also

 Art News For  Australia

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Art Classes Perth Fantasy Art Workshop

Perth Artist Hettie RowleyThis is being held by local artist Hettie Rowley who is our Artist of the month currently. You can inquite about her classes at Art Classes Perth where Hettie will welcome you warmly!

All the Best, David Floretta

Art Events in the United States

I love the United States, where despite the ingress of socialism, people are still essentially free – thank God – even though we are being hard pressed to abandon God along with our other freedoms. If the rot continues, we’ll end up like Europe, which is well on the way to becoming a place the old tyrants of the USSR would be proud of! Not to mention astonished. Wasn’t it Khrushchev who said ‘we’ll bury you so quietly, you won’t even know you’re dead..” ? And yet, with its stifling control over the lives of its citizens, it is Europe that is becoming one giant gulag – prison camp.

This should be a warning to all decent Americans – treasure your freedom, hang onto your guns and ALWAYS assume that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!  You know what Europen citizens now call the EU…? The E.U.S.S.R – ! Especially the British who are being held in despite the strong desire of most of their citizens to get the hell out!

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Welcome To the World Of Art

Oil Painting by Hettie Rowley
The Threefold God by Hettie Rowley (oil)


Welcome to the reinvigorated new DamelioTerras.COM site. This has been a great site for art of various forms in the past and we intend to restore it to its former glory and more! We will be featuring new artists and I will be also trying to get some interst form the original owner of this site D’Amelia Terras.

I need to say here that this domain and site  IS NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY TO ITS FORMER OWNER. Here is a brief extract from the site Artnet.com by Rachel Corbet:

In 1996, Christopher D’Amelio and Lucien Terras left their jobs at Paula Cooper Gallery to open their own space — in a small storefront in desolate West Chelsea, and with just four artists. But over the next 15 years, the partnership matured into the respected D’Amelio Terras Gallery, which went on to represent Polly Apfelbaum, Nicole Cherubini and Robert Moskowitz, as well as Tony Feher, who was among those first four. Then, in December 2011, the dealers abruptly parted ways — or so it seemed to outsiders — and D’Amelio took over the West 22nd Street space while Terras went on to launch a private artist agency.

D’Amelio said the partnership dissolved amicably, following the economic crash of 2008. The two dealers found themselves reevaluating their business and the question arose, “Do we both want to do this? We came out with different desires about the gallery and for the art business. I thought that it’s still viable and that you need an exhibition space,” D’Amelio said. – Rachel Corbet

 So I bought the domain (it wasn’t cheap!!!) in order to have a site with good pedigree and links and to display a variety of artists.

Our Featured Artist Of February 2014

Our first featured artist of 2014 is Hettie Rowley of Australia (formerly of South Africa). Hettie paints in oil, pastels and watercolor and also produces superb pencil work. I found her through a friend whop said to me that he knows a really brilliant artist who, like many talented people in an overcrowded world, just hasn’t had the exposure she deserves. So here are two paintings from Hettie. Pardon the quality – I will be upgrading them soon.

The Godess of Fire by Hettie Rowleythe Godess of Fire by Hettie Rowley (Oil)
The Goddess of Fire by Hettie Rowley (Oil)

An Oil Painting by Hettie Rowley of Australia
Ice By Hettie Rowley

Invitation To Artists

I hereby invite talented but little known artists to apply for a display on this site. I will not be charging for this service as this site is intended to be a hobby,  a service to artists everywhere.

That’s All for now.

I will be adding to the site very soon. In the meantime, if you find us and want to comment or request a display, please contact me through the form provided or by email to dameliot@damelioterras.com All the Best David Floretta PS: If you happen to live in Australia and want to meet this artist or attend her classes, you can find her at this site