What are Aspects of a very good Essay you need to have an Wonderful Standard?

What are Aspects of a very good Essay you need to have an Wonderful Standard?

I did my Lengthy Dissertation on Physics, and quickly the bat you should know that I obtained Ad inside (indeed, I still got my IB Diploma.)

But that N was properly-earned. My EE subject was: Research of Hubble and Herschel Room Telescopes’ information that is infrared to predict the James Room Telescope’s effectiveness.

Abstract Word Count: 3804

It was a sum of over a year’s price of disappointment with possibly 14 daysprice of understanding, and for the most part five full minutes of any real compound (the result of the restrictions of a senior school amount of understanding physics + the BS of everything you consider physics is like originating from place physics guides + AP Physics courses)

Snapshot for fun of my subjective:

Plus an image of the recommendations page simply to demonstrate much I thought I recognized at that time and how tiny I understood:

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